The CropScan range of Near Infrared Transmission whole grain analysers are designed to provide farmers, grain traders and grain processors with cost effective instruments for measuring protein, moisture, oil and starch in grains and oil seeds.

Light from the lamp, passes through a sample of grains or oil seeds. The light bounces off the surfaces of the grains or oil seeds and propagates through the sample until it reaches the other side. The emerging light is focused into the slit of a flat field spectrograph that separates the light into its individual frequencies, across the wavelength range from 720-1100nm. The separated light is then directed onto a silicon photo diode array detector. This array detector measures the intensity of the light at each frequency to produce what is called the NIT spectrum of the sample.

Within this region of the electromagnetic spectrum, N-H (protein), C-H (fats and oils) and O-H (water) and C-O-H (carbohydrates) absorb NIR light at specific wavelengths. The NIT spectrum contains information about the concentration of these components. A calibration model, stored in the analyser’s memory, converts this information to % concentration for each component.

The CropScan Range

CropScan 1000H - Multipurpose Farm Analyser

CropScan 1000B - Whole Grain Analyser

CropScan 2000B - Bench-top NIR Analyser

CropScan 3000B - Whole Grain Analyser

CropScan 3000F - Grain and Flour NIR Analyser

CropScan - Automated Grain Analysis System

CropScan 3000H - On-Header Analyser

CropScan 3000S - On-Silo Analyser

CropNet - Weighbridge Software

CropNet - Data Management Software

NTAS - NIR Technology Analysis Software

Next Instruments

Next Instruments manufactures a range of innovative analytical and process instruments for the food, agriculture and nutrition markets. We also import analysers for food and grain testing.

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