Technical Notes


Tech Note 2. WGA Test and NTAS Quick Reference

Tech Note 3. WGA503 Release

Tech Note 4. WGA_Test.exe Software Description

Tech Note 5. Temperature Correction

Tech Note 6. Calibration Transfer Master to Slave

Tech Note 7. Description of NTAS

Tech Note 8. Mathematical Pre-Treatments of NIT Spectra

Tech Note 12. WGA-Test.exe and NTAS Basic Instructions

Tech Note 13. NIR Calibration Theory

Tech Note 14. Hisotry of WGA.exe software up to April 2005

Tech Note 16. Wga_test.exe Running on Windows XP.pdf

Tech Note 21. Validation of NIR Calibration

Tech Note 22. Tech. Developing a NIR Method

Tech Note 23. Creating Calibration Files for the Series 1000 Analysers.pdf

Tech Note 24. Invalid Calibration Error Message.pdf

Tech Note 25. Adding Temperature Sabilisation Samples to a Milk Calibration.pdf

 Tech Note 26. Series 1000 Setup.pdf

Tech Note. 27 How to Make Slope and Bias Adjustments.pdf

Tech Note 28. Manual Test of Cropscan Power Supply Board.pdf

Tech Note 30. Formatting USB Memory Devices.pdf

Tech Note 31. Wga-test Software Users Guide.pdf

Tech Note 32. Software Improvements for the Cropscan 1000B.pdf

Tech Note 34. USB to Serial Converter Connection Instructions.pdf

Tech Note 35. Application of Custom Bios for PC104 2012.pdf

Tech Note. 37 Protein Constant Moisture Correction.pdf

Tech Note 38. Software Upgrades for the CropScan Loren 1000G On Farm Analyser.pdf  

SeedCount Technical Notes

Tech Note SC001. CE-Declaration of Conformity

Tech Note SC002. Cup and Tray Calibration

Tech Note SC004. Using the Diagnostic Mode of SeedCount

Tech Note SC005. Blackpoint and Crease Detection Optimisation for Wheat

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Analysers for industrial applications

Analysers for agriculture