Application Notes

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Agriculture Application Notes

Appl Note 01. Cropscan 2000G - Wheat Calibration

Appl Note 02. Cropscan 2000G - Sorghum Analysis

Appl Note 03. Cropscan 2000G - Performance Evaluation

Appl Note 04. Cropscan 2000G - Wheat Prediction

Appl Note 05. Cropscan 2000G - Barley Calibration

Appl Note 06. Cropscan 2000G - Cereal Tissue Testing

Appl Note 14. Determination of Protein and Moisture in Whole Grain Maize

Appl Note 17. Cropscan 2000B - Soft Wheat Analysis

Appl Note 18. NIT-38 Meat Analyser - Determination of the components in Meat Meal

Appl Note 31. Olive Analysis using NIT-38 Olive Analyser

Appl Note 32. Cropscan 2000B preliminary evaluation of protein analysis in Sorghum

Appl Note 35. Scottish Barley Calibration

Appl Note 39. Cropscan 2000B Analysis of Protein Moisture and Oil in Soy Beans

Appl Note 40. NIT-38 Analysis of Protein in Feed Mixes

Appl Note 41. Cropscan 2000B Malt Barley Calibration

Appl Note 45. Cropscan 2000B - Analysis of Rice

Appl Note 50. Malting Barley Prediction

Appl Note 52. Evaluation of Protein and Moisture Analysis in Central European Wheat

Appl Note 60. Changes in Canola Seeds

Appl Note 62. Calibration of Protein and Moisture in Stock Feed Pellets using a Cropscan 2000F

Appl Note 66. Calibration of Protein in Corn based Stock Feed

Appl Note 68. Calibration of Protein and Moisture in Stock Feed Pellets using a Cropscan 2000B

Appl Note 71. Calibration of Protein, Fat and Moisture in Animal Feed Pellets using a Cropscan 2000B 2

Appl Note 72. Calibration of Moisture in Soybeans using a Cropscan 2000B

Appl Note 74. Comparison of NIT-38 Olive Analyser with contemporary analysis systems

Appl Note 76. Calibration on fresh corn for moisture and brix 2

Appl Note 80. Fat Analysis in Ground Corn 

Appl Note 93. Calibration of Moisture in ground wheat using a Series 1000 Analyser

Appl Note 102. Determination of Free fatty Acids in Palm Oil

Appl Note 103. Canola Calibraitons for Oil and Moisture

Appl Note 104. Analysis of Copra samples

Appl Note 108. NIT Spectra of Jetropha Seeds

Appl Note 109. Italian Barley Calibration

Appl Note 116. Analysis of Barley on the CropScan 1000B using MCS

Appl Note 120. Wheat and Barley Validation 2008

Appl Note 121. Validation of CropScan 1000G for Wheat and Barley

Appl Note 127. Multiple Calibration Selection (MCS) for Australian barley

Appl Note 131. Wheat and Barley Validation using two Cropscan Loren 1000G

Appl Note 146. Validation of the CropScan 1000G for Protein and Moisture in Wheat and Barley 















Appl Note 175 Calibrations for Ground Pellets and Whole Stock Feed Pellets using the MultiScan Series 4000 FTNIR Spectrometer,

Appl Note 176  Calibration Development for Straw and Hay using the Series 4000 FTNIR Spectrometer

Appl Note 177 Calibration Development of Ground and Whole Animal Feed Pellets using the MultiScan Series 4000 FTNIR Spectrometer

Appl Note 178 Calibration forProtein in Hemp Powder using the MultiScan Series 4000 FTNIR Spectrometer

Appl Note 179. Series 4000 FTNIR Calibration for protein and moisture in meals using 64 and 16cm-1 spectra.

Appl Note 182 OnLine Analysis of Wheat using the CropScan 3000S

Appl Note 183 3000H Paddock Maps

Appl Note 184 Milk Analysis using the MultiScan Series 4000 FTNIR Spectrometer

Appl Note 185 OnLine Analysis of Wheat using the CropScan 3000S On Silo Analyser

Appl Note 188 CropScan 3000F Grain and Flour Analyser Calibration and Prediction Data

Appl Note 189 Tallow Analysis using Near Infrared Transmission Technology

Appl Note 191:  Measurement of Fat, TS, Protein and Lactose in High Fat Cream



Case Studies

Case Study 001 In Paddock Blending using the cropSCan 3000H On Combine Analyser 2

Case Study 002 Potential Varible Rate Fertilization using Paddock Maps from the CropScan 3000H On Combine Analyser 2

Case Study 003 Real Time Data from the CropScan 3000H On Combine Analyser 2

 Food Application Notes                                 ^ ret_urn to top

Appl Note 09. NIT-38 Alcohol Analyser - Rapid NIR Alcohol Analysis

Appl Note 10. Cropscan 2000G - Measurement of Fat and Moisture in Pie Dough

Appl Note 12. Cropscan 2000B - Applications in the Flour milling industry

Appl Note 13. NIT-38 Meat Analyser - Analysis of Small Goods

Appl Note 15. The use of a NIT-38 Analyser for Wine and Grape Quality Testing

Appl Note 16. NIT-38 Dairy Analyser - Analysis of Cream

Appl Note 19. NIT-38 Dairy Analyser - Analysis of Cream

Appl Note 20. NIT-38 Alcohol Analyser - Beer Analysis

Appl Note 21. Analysis of milk powder blends using the NIT-38 Dairy Analyser

Appl Note 23. Measurement of whole Milk using the NIT-38 Dairy Analyser

Appl Note 24. Measurement of Whey Powder using the NIT-38 Dairy Analyser

Appl Note 25. Measurement of Chemical Lean in Raw Beef

Appl Note 26. NIR Spectra of Cheese Curd

Appl Note 27. Evaluation of Chemcial Lean in Meat

Appl Note 28. Analysis of Chemical Lean - NIR vs Microwave

Appl Note 29. Measurement of Protein, Oil, and Moisture in whole Peanuts

Appl Note 30. Analysis of Blue Cheese

Appl Note 33. NIT Spectra of Chocolate

Appl Note 34. Analysis of German Meat Samples

Appl Note 36. FOP-38 On Line Analysis of Cream Cheese

Appl Note 37. NIT-38 Analysis of Synthetic Sausage Casings

Appl Note 38. NIT-38 Chemical Lean Analysis of Beef and Pork

Appl Note 42. Analysis of Powdered Cheese

Appl Note 43. NIT Spectra of Liquid Eggs

Appl Note 44. NIT-38 Analysis of Cheese Slice

Appl Note 46. Analysis of Fat and Moisture in Chocolate Blend Milk Powder

Appl Note 47. Flour Analysis 8 Parameters

Appl Note 49. Potato Chip Analysis for Fat and Moisture

Appl Note 54. Analysis of Sobrasada Meat Samples

Appl Note 55. Analysis of Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates and Solids in Ice Cream

Appl Note 56. Analysis of Potatoes

Appl Note 57. Analysis of Packaged Burger Patties with the Series 3000 Food Analyser

Appl Note 63. Calibration of Fat and Moisture in Polish Hard Cheese using a Series 3000 Food Analyser

Appl Note 64. Calibration of Fat in Polish Cream using the Series 3000 Food Analyser

Appl Note 67. Calibration of Protein in Pilchard and Sardine baitfish

Appl Note 69. Calibration of Salt in ground Corn Chips using a Cropscan 2000B

Appl Note 75. Analysis of Fat, Protein and Moisture in Sausage Meat Mixes Samples 2

Appl Note 77. Calibration trial for Beef Mince

Appl Note 78. NIT Spectra of Whole Cookies

Appl Note 79. Analysis of Moisture in Skim Milk Powder using the NIT-38 Dairy Analyser

Appl Note 81. Anhydrous Milk Fat Analysis

Appl Note 83. Determination of Alcohol in Liqueurs

Appl Note 89. Flour Analysis  Starch Damage and Water Absorption

Appl Note 90. Meat Samples Analysis using Series 3000

Appl Note 91. Sugar in Wine analysis

Appl Note 94. Near Infrared Transmission Spectra of Candies

Appl Note 95. On Line Analysis of Milk Standardisation

Appl Note 97. Examination of spectra for Australian Pecan Nuts

Appl Note 99. Calibration of Protein and Fat in Soymilk

Appl Note 100. NIT Measurement of Onions

Appl Note 101. Determination of Chemcial Lean in Raw Meat Samples

Appl Note 105. Fat and Total Solids in Ice Cream Mixes

Appl Note 106. Calibration of Moisture in Macadamia Nuts

Appl Note 107. Series 1000 Milk Analysis Study

Appl Note 111. Analysis of Fat in Cream

Appl Note 112. Analysis of MBE for Fat and Protein

Appl Note 113. Cropscan 2000F Irish Flour Analysis

Appl Note 115. Analysis of Fat and Moisture in Butter using the S3000 Food Analyser

Appl Note 118. NIT Spectra of Whole Apples

Appl Note 119.  Analysis of Tuna Fish using an FOP-38 Analyser

Appl Note 123. Calibration of Total Solids in Homos

Appl Note 129. Spectral Discrimination of Flour Premixes 

Appl Note 133. Measurement of Chemical Lean in Beef Pork and Lamb.pdf   



Appl Note 145. Calibration for Fat in Processed Meat Samples












 Appl Note 174 Calibration Development of Free Fatty Acids in Vegetable Oils using the MultiScan Series 4000 FTNIR Spectrometer

Appl Note 181 Milk Powder Analysis using the MultiScan Series 4000 FTNIR Spectrometer

Industrial Application Notes                                 ^ return to top

Appl Note 07. NIT-38 Analyser - Determination of Ethanol in Water

Appl Note 08. NIT-FOP-38 Analyser - Measurement of raw materials in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Appl Note 22. NIT-38 Alcohol Analyser - Rapid NIR Analysis of Ethanol in Petrol

Appl Note 51. Analysis of Free Fatty Acids in Tallow

Appl Note 53. Calibration of Octane Number in Gasoline using a NIT-38 Alcohol Analyser

Appl Note 58. NIT Spectra of Plastic Films, Polymers and Solvents

Appl Note 61. Analysis of Morphine Straw

Appl Note 61. Examination of spectra for Australian Blue Poppy Seeds

Appl Note 65. Calibration of Ethanol levels in petrol

Appl Note 70. Calibration of Pyrethrin Levels in solution using a NIT-38 Alcohol Analyser

Appl Note 73. Calibration of Formate Stabilizer levels in Sodium Formate Mud using an NIT-38 Analyser

Appl Note 82. Calibration of Penetration and Softening in Biutmen using an FOP-38 Fibre Optic Probe Analyser

Appl Note 84. On Line NIR Analysis of Tablet Coating Thickness

Appl Note 85. Analysis of Mono, Di and Tri Glycerides in Biodiesel

Appl Note 86. Whole Tablet Spectra

Appl Note 92. Raw Material identification using the Sameness Meter

Appl Note 96. Moisture in Explosive Propellants

Appl Note 98. Analysis of Copper in Mineral samples

Appl Note 110. Analysis of Latex in Rubber Sap

Appl Note 117. Spectral Analysis ofTotal Solids in Dairy Waste Water

Appl Note 130. Series 2000 Tablet Analysis Report

 Appl Note 180. Discriminant Analysis of Raw Materials used in the Pharmaceutical Industry

SeedCount Application Notes                                 ^ return to top

Appl Note SC001. Blackpoint Analysis of Wheat

Appl Note SC002. Thousand Kernel Weight

Appl Note SC003. Evaluation of Barley

Appl Note SC004. Screening Fractions and Kernel Roundness

Appl Note SC005. Measuring Rice Grain Dimensions

Appl Note SC006. Evaluation of SeedCount

Appl Note SC007. Assessment of SeedCount

Appl Note SC008. CornCount ModuleM/

Appl Note SC009. Thai Long Grain Rice Study

Appl Note SC010. Reproducibility of Length Measurements

Appl Note SC011. Chalk Analysis on Long and Medium Grain White Rice

Appl Note SC012. Study of Oat Seeds

Appl Note SC013. Study of Lentils

Appl Note SC014. Coffee Bean Analysis

Applic Note SC015. SeedCount Analysis of Philippine Rice Samples

Protocols                                 ^ return to top

Cream Cheese Application Protocol

Hard Cheese Application Protocol

Milk Powder Application Protocol

Mince Beef Application Protocol

Salami Application Protocol

Sausage Mince Application Protocol



App Note 1 Vegetable Oil Study

Appl Note 2 Detection of Odours in Potato Chips

Appl Note 3 Detection of Hexanal in Macadamia Nuts



Appl Note NS002 GI Analysis of Rice

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