Food Technology Corporation is the longest standing manufacturer of texture analysers for the food industry. With over 40 years experience evolving from the groundbreaking Kramer Shear Press, FTC is able to provide systems for the field, factory and laboratory test environments. FTC's extensive experience in practical food texture measurements, combined with their cost-effective solutions makes them an ideal partner for customers' texture analysis needs.

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Touch-Pilot Touch Screen Texture Analyser

Food Technology Corporation’s new TMS-Pilot texture analyzer is an affordable, portable, mid-range system designed for quick and easy food texture testing. The TMS-Pilot was designed with the budget conscious customer for its capacity to perform basic texture testing of most food products, including baked goods, confectionery items, dairy products, fruits, meats, vegetables and snacks. Test methods such as breaking, snapping, tension, shearing, bulk analysis, compression, penetration and extrusion tests are all easily performed.


texture20analyzer.jpgTMS-Pro Texture Analyser:

The TMS-Pro Texture Analyser is a powerful system designed for measuring a broad range of physical tests for food samples. The TMS-Pro offers the highest applied force in the industry, ie, 2400 Newtons. With a resolution of 2.5 microns, the TMS-Pro provides superior sensitivity and detection limits. Using a broad range of Test Cells and Fixtures the TMS-Pro can be used to measure the compression, extrusion, snapping, extension, puncture and penetration for a broad range of foods and food ingredients. Probes include the Kramer Universal Extrusion Cell as well as conical, spherical, needle, knife and plate probes. The TMS-Pro is controlled from a PC running FTC’s software. Plots for all tests are provided along with data storage and method development files.

TMS-Touch Texture Measurement SystemTMS-Touch_and_Jelly.jpg

Easy to operate, Food technology Corporation's TMS-Touch Texture Analyser is an affordable, stand alone system designed specifically for quick and easy food texture assessments. Operated via an easy to use Touch Screen LCD Console the TMS-Touch requires minimal operator training. Tests are performed at the push of a button to instantly determine consistent standards within the raw or finished products, saving time and money. Use the TMS-Touch to quickly determine the textural propoertiers of bakery products, cereals, confectionery, snacks, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, meat products and many more...

T-2000 Food Texture Measurement System tms2000.jpg

Utilising the Kramer Shear Press measurement technique.



TMS-2000 Food Texture Measurement System,

A research grade measurement and analysis system designed for products that require high testing forces. Designed specifically for food texture, the TMS-2000 software controls the texture press and performs the data processing for presentation to the operator. Data collection and control are accomplished via TCP/IP protocl over PP link is carried out through a standard serial or com port.tu-12.jpg


TU-12 Portabale Tenderomter 

A portable field analyser designed for determiniing the maturity in fresh peas. Designed to withstand harsh field use with a minimum of maintenance. The TU-12 is easy to operate and almost no training is needed. FTC Tenderometer systems have been in continuous operation in production environments for more than 40 years. The TU12 operates from a 12 volt battery. The tripod stand collapses for ease of transport.



TM-2 & TU Texture Press and Tenderometer

For measuring maturity and texture in a variety of foods with extreme accuracy and ease.


Food Technology Corporation makes fixtures and probes to cover all possible applications;

Compression, FTC_Fixtures.jpg







FTC's Fixtures and Probes are interchangeable with most other texture analysers on the market.

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