Thanks Phil for all your good service/backup re: our protein machine, we really have appreciated your help and it was a bonus to meet you on your visit to Moree this year. Machine is going well, should I say it “weathering the storms” better than the wheat!! What a shocking year – now stopped for 3rd time due to wet weather.

Thank you again, please stay at “Box Hill” next  time or at least have a meal with us!

Kind regards

— Maryanne Hunter, Box Hill, Garah, NSW


The management of our on farm storage and marketing program has been made so much easier and professional since purchasing our Cropscan 1000B... In today’s deregulated market it is very important that we as growers know the quality of grain leaving our farms to ensure that all delivery points are adhering to industry standards and that end users are being provided with the quality they demand.  I believe owning a Cropscan 1000B has without doubt assisted us to improve the return we make from our cropping enterprise.

— Lisa Orchin, Balarang, Weemelah, NSW
Balarang Lands. Moree. NSW Australia


The purchase of the Cropscan 2000B Analyser has been great for our business.  Easy to use and accurate, the benefits to our Canola and export Wheat trading have been enormous.

— Alex Blair, Blairs Produce, Lavington, NSW
Blairs Produce Co. Lavington. NSW Australia


I am very pleased with the SeedCount.  It has more than doubled our throughput and has proven to be more accurate and repeatable than any other system we have used in the past.  The added benefit of getting three dimensional grain measurements particularly thickness has improved our testing abilities dramatically.

— Anna Ochoa
Anna Ochoa
Director of R&D
Alvin, TX, USA


After a few years trialing the 3000H we have now got a reliable and accurate system that is easy to install and run.

The software has come a long way and is now intuitive and very user friendly. The applications are numerous depending on your focus.

I have also found that once calibrated it is within .1-.2 of the silo reading.


— Ashley Wakefield, Urana, SA


G'Dat Matt,

Sorry for the late reply of your e mail, been busy killing these blasted summer weeds.

         Firstly I would like to say that the 3000h has been a huge benefit to our business. We know that we cannot produce huge yields so the quality of our product has to be sorted. As you know we have standing silos with one auger and to segregate the product in the paddock before it reaches the silos helps us no end. 

         The mechanics of the machine are very simple with gravity doing most of the work. Being fitted on the clean grain elevator the machine opens a trap door on the delivery side ( up side ) then after the sample has been taken a trap door opens and lets it go on the down side. 

         The installation process for me was quite easy, with Matt doing all the work. The process of the machine going into the header was very clean and neat and the appearance of the machine looks like it is meant to be on the header.

         We send our grain to a flour mill 350 kms from our farm and the accuracy of the 3000h is within 0.2 percent protein of their machine. Their machine has the final say so it is good to know that when we send a truck down it does not get rejected.

         The software support that comes with the 3000h is second to none, with any problems experienced being quickly fixed. The graphics on the screen are simple and coherent to be watching while harvesting. Also if any problems occur with the machine itself Matt is happy to be of assistance.


— Luke Follett
Luke Follett
Euston, NSW



Hi Phil,

We use our crop scan 2000 every day and love it. I am very happy we made the choice we did. Keep up the good work.

Ryan Dueck
Natural Proteins Inc
Blumenort, Manatoba, Canada

— Ryan Dueck


Hi Mat,

"I'm particularly impressed with the way the sample device worked
faultlessly for the entire time requiring no maintenance at all after
almost 5 weeks of continuous operation and also pleased with the ease of
dealing with any software issues  online remotel mostly without me
stopping harvesting".

You mentioned I think that you were planning on a Utube video to promote the
product, I have had a little video made of the machine working done from
a drone. You may like to use a couple of seconds of  it at the opening
or closing of whatever you put together? Just a different view to
what is normally seen of a harvester that's all.

The 2013 harvester will be going to town early next week and they will be able to do the
swap any time after that.




— Graham Popperwell


“ The CropScan 3000H was really useful for the 2013 harvest. It allowed us to segregate F1 barley and malt barley. The real time paddock map allowed us to see what areas of the paddock were going malt barley.

We found the system to be a useful tool that was easy to use and aligned well against the receival silo.”

— Adma Inchbold, Yarrawonga, Vic
Adam Inchbold
Yarrawonga, VIC

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